Past Members

Klodeta Kura
Research Associate

Klodeta is a research associte in the group. She obtained a PhD in Mathematics from City, University of London where she modelled and explored the formation of dominance hierarchies in different species. Currently, she is working on developing mathematical models to investigate spatial mosquito dynamics and the effect of vector control technologies.

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Isuru Goonatilake
System Biology DTC DPhil Student (2015 - 2018)

Isuru completed his Master's in Bioengineering at Imperial College London before coming to Oxford to join the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Center. His DPhil focusses on antibiotic resistance and developing models of resistance transfer in a populations of bacteria before verifying these models in the lab.

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Rob Paton
NERC DTP DPhil Student (2015 - 2018)

Rob studied at the University of Glasgow, holding both an undergraduate degree in Zoology and an MSc in Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation and Epidemiology. He joined Oxford’s Balliol college in 2015 as part of the Environmental Research DTP, and is researching the role of interspecific interactions in the mitigation of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. 

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Katherine Heath
Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTC DPhil student

Katie completed an undergraduate in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Epidemiology at Imperial College London. Katie then worked as a Global Health Research Consultant working on HIV and HCV in London and a Research Associate in Lyon. Katie joined Oxford as part of the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP in 2015. Katie works broadly on the mathematical and behavioural ecology of human disease vectors, with particular emphasis upon environmental change.

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Matishalin Patel
Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTC DPhil student (2015 - 2018)

Mati studied at Oxford University and Imperial College before joining the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP. His master's thesis studied how eco-evolutionary dynamics generate biodiversity gradients across habitats. Currently Mati works with Stuart West and Michael Bonsall on interactions between eco-evolutionary processes and social evolution.

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Anke Kloock
DPhil Student (2016 - 2020)

Anke completed her BSc and MSc at the University of Kiel, Germany,  investigating the role of C-type Lectins in Caenorhabditis elegans'  immunity. Her PhD investigates the heterogeneity of the pathogen Staphylococcus aureus in the tripartite system of the host C. elegans  and the protective microbe Enterococcus faecalis. She is co-supervised by Kayla King.

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Jared Field
Systems Biology DTC DPhil Student (2015 - 2018)

Jared completed his undergraduate in mathematics and French literature at the University of Sydney. He is interested broadly in the application of mathematics to problems in ecology and evolutionary biology.  His current projects focus on the evolution of senescence and human longevity, and the evolution of sleep. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Mike Bonsall and Prof. Philip Maini.

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Andrew Snyder-Beattie
DPhil Student 2016-2019

Andrew Snyder-Beattie holds degrees in biomathematics and economics and is currently pursuing a DPhil under the supervision of Professor Mike Bonsall and Professor Doyne Farmer.

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Derek Park
DPhil Student 2015-2019

Derek studied Biology at Yale University before arriving at Oxford on a 2014 Marshall Scholarship. He continues work from his time at Moffitt Cancer Center to investigate mathematical models of cancer disease and treatment. In this realm of mathematical oncology.

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Chloë Montes
Research Fellow 2017-2018

Chloë was a Daphne Jackson Trust Research Fellow. Chloë completed her DPhil in the group and has returned to Oxford to undertake a broad study looking at the role of climate change, agri-environment effects on butterfly population and metapopulation dynamics.

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Maja Zaloznik
Postdoctoral Researcher

Maja Založnik studied EU regulation of genetically modified organisms as part of her undergraduate degree at the University of Ljubljana; geodemographic classification of census output areas for her MA thesis at Liverpool University, which is where she also completed her PhD investigating the robustness of iterative proportional fitting using UK census microdata.

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Doran Khamis
Postdoctoral Researcher 2016-2017

Doran obtained a PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and an MMath&Phys in mathematics and physics at the University of Manchester.

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Claire El Mouden
Postdoctoral Researcher 2016-2017

Claire’s research investigated whether gene drives (which artificially promote the inheritance of a target gene) could be used in mosquitoes to fight diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

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Sandrine Pavoine
Research Associate; Statistical Ecologist at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Sandrine joined the Mathematical Ecology Research group when she held a One-Year Marie-Curie EIF Fellowship, 2008-2009.

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Sinead English
Research Associate

Sinead is an evolutionary ecologist interested in the role of mothers and early-life experiences on development and evolution.

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Sean Hackett
BBSRC iCASE DPhil student 2014-2017

Sean studied Zoology at the University of Dundee before completing a Masters in Environmental Biology at the University of St Andrews.

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Pedro M. Esperança
Life Sciences Interface DTC Student

Pedro completed his Masters project (on Bayesian state space approaches) and one of his DTC projects (on stochastic stem cell dynamics) in the group.

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Harriet Downey
NERC DTP DPhil Student 2014-2018

Harriet studied Biology at Oxford Brookes University before joining Oxford University in September 2014.

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Chris Terry
NERC DTP DPhil Student 2014-2018

Chris studied the impact that modifications of trophic interactions by other populations can have upon food web dynamics through theoretical and experimental approaches.

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Corentin Lemesle
Masters Research Student 2017

Corentin studied Biology at Agrocampus Ouest Rennes, France, and is in the final year of his MSc in Ecology Modelling.

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Tom Ratz
Masters Research Student 2016

After completing an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology and a MSc degree at the University of Tours (France), I decided to steer my studies towards the theoretical and mathematical approaches in biology by enrolling in a MSc degree program in Ecological Modelling at the University of Rennes (France).

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Japke Karreman
Masters Research Student 2014 - 2016

Japke is studying for a masters degree in Biology at the university of Leiden, the Netherlands.

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Claire Dooley
DPhil student 2009-2013

With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with Maths and a Masters in Conservation & Biodiversity from UCL and the University of Exeter, respectively, Claire has a strong background in both maths and ecology.

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Jody Reimer
Rhodes Scholar 2011-2013

Jody received her B.A. in mathematics from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

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Shelly Lachish
Science Policy Writer / Research Associate 2013

Current regulatory frameworks for assessing environmental releases of genetically modified insects (and other GM organisms, GMOs) place a strong emphasis on evaluating risks in isolation to any consideration of possible benefits.

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Nayara Fernanda Hachich
Visiting MSc Student 2013

Nayara is interested in understanding marine ecological diversity distribution, considering reef fish as models.

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Shankari Subramaniam
Visiting MSc student 2013

Imperfect mimicry in British hoverflies provides an opportunity to investigate aspects of reliable signalling and community structure.

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Priyanga Amarasekare
Sabbatical Visitor 2012-2013

Population Dynamics

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John M. Drake
Leverhulme Visiting Professor 2012

Anticipating critical transitions in dynamical systems is a difficult problem that has seen a number of developments in recent years.

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Chloë Strevens
DPhil student 2006-2010

Metapopulation ecology has developed to explain the population dynamics that occur in spatially structured landscapes.

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Laith Yakob
DPhil student 2004-2008

Laith's research used mathematical models to investigate strategies to control pest populations by releasing sterile males.

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