Science Policy

We are engaged in various science policy activities. We provide details on the policy reports and statements we have been involved in producing. Please feel free to contact us with any comments you may have on any of this work.


Gene Drives

policy report (2020) on the adequacy and sufficiency of existing policy guidance for gene drives published by the European Food Safety Authority. There is also a report on a public consultation here and stakeholder engagement here that supported this work.


Biosecurity Inquiry 

statement (2019) submitted to the House of Commons joint committee on the national security strategy for the inquiry on biosecurity and human health.


Regulating altered genomic DNA 

statement (2017) sent to the FDA on their Draft Guidance for Industry, Regulation of Intentionally Altered Genomic DNA in Animals recommending a shift towards a product-based approach to the regulation of animals with intentionally altered genomic DNA.


Ecological risks of gene drives

short policy note (2017) outlining the ecological risks of organisms containing gene drives and recommending an international approach to developing appropriate and proportionate guidance.  A fully referenced version is also available.


Genetically-modified insects

policy report (2015) on GM Insects by the House of Lords Science and Technology committee. It was debated in the House of Lords in June 2016.


Environmental risk assessment and endangered species

policy report (2015) on how environmental risk assessment guidance deals with endangered species published by the European Food Safety Authority.


Insects as food and feed

policy report (2015) on the risk of insects as food and feed published by the European Food Safety Authority.


Guidance for genetically modified mosquitoes

policy report (2014) on guidance for the release of genetically modified mosquitoes published by the WHO and FNIH.


Risks and benefits of genetically-modified organisms

short policy document (2013) outlining the need to consider benefits (to public health and the environment) alongside risks in the regulation of environmental releases of genetically modified organisms.  A fully referenced version is also available.  A related article appeared in Public Service Europe.


Genetically modified animals

policy report (2013) on genetic modified animals in the EU marketplace published by the European Food Safety Authority